Shopping in Paris is never forgotten

There is one part of a trip that I feel is always fun to explore. This is shopping… who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy in a new place. At least a little bit. In Paris, there is no shortage of shopping. You can do all kinds of shopping in Paris. Antique shopping, art shopping, clothes shopping, chocolate shopping, boutique shopping, wine shopping, cheese shopping, shoe shopping… you name it and it is there. Paris is the mecca for fun, cutting edge, fashion forward… shopping.

I have included a short but definitely not complete list of places to shop in Paris. Of course, I have left much room for your own explorations in Paris.

Champs-Élysées is definitely a mecca for shopping. Though a bit of a touristy street, it is fun and full of shops from large chains, to smaller boutiques, to high-end luxury goods. It is also a good place to people watch as you see people in high fashion walking the streets.

Next there is the le carousel du Louvre. This is a large shopping mall under the Louvre. This is another great place to go for a mix of this and that. Also a bit touristy but full of life and lots of people.

If you wanted to go antique shopping here is a list of a few:

rue de Seine, Paris 6th

Quai Voltaire

Louvre des Antiquaires — they are located across the Louvre on Rivoli Street

If you want to do more department store shopping there is Galleries Lafayette and Printemps. During, the holiday season in December their window displays are gorgeous.

The following shops are some interesting places to pick up some unique finds:



Le petit Atelier de Paris

Le Jardin D’Olaria

L’atelier des Quatres

Happy Shopping!


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