Destination Austin

Austin, Texas is a fun, quaint eclectic city. There is lots of music, good food, warm weather and a local vibe that is very welcoming and fun. There is so much to do and a great place to go for a long weekend.

Where to stay?

Austin Proper – If you want to be in the heart of downtown where there are lots of walkable places, this is the place to stay. There is a rooftop pool as well so you can be in the city and still enjoy the lounging by the pool feel.

Fairmont Austin – Centrally located in the business district of downtown Austin. Good hotel with walkability factor.

What to do?

Austin has a lot to do in this college city. There is a variety of entertainment options for a variety of wants and needs.

UT Austin – A visit to the very large UT Austin campus is an interesting adventure. The campus is huge and can hold a lot of people. The stadium is impressive to see. It very easy to get to so a walk around or even a drive around is a fun way to spend a few hours.

Zilker Botanical Garden – This garden is nice to take a walk into when it is in full bloom. There is a nice little waterfall inside as well as an outdoor fitness area.

Music Scene – Austin has a very rich music culture and going to explore a variety of music venues and performances is a must in this city.

Where to eat?

Food in Austin is amazing and there is something for everyone.

Uchi – Amazing if you love Japanese food. Not to be missed. Make sure you make a reservation however.

Taquero Mucho – Let’s just say PINK TACOS! So much fun, good food, casual but fun vibe. Fun drinks! Be prepared to stand in line however. Well worth it!

Floppy Disk Repair Co. – Here is an unexpected speakeasy that is more of an after dinner place to have a fun drink and soak up the interesting atmosphere. Getting a passcode is key to going to this place. Good luck! You get it each day by finding someone in the know nice enough to tell you. We were lucky and had a great time.

Peche – French and fresh food offerings with a pre prohibition style of cocktails and curated wine list. Great place for an evening in downtown.

Emmer and Rye – This place is a carbon neutral restaurant and their focus is on seasonal and local cuisine with preparations done on site. This place is worth a visit.

The Peacock – This is a Mediterranean Grill with great Messe and wood grilled options.

La Piscina – Poolside Mexican restaurant with raw bar. Great if you are lounging by pool.

Of course bbq is great in Austin and there are many you can find all around the city.

Where to shop?

2nd street district– Great place to walk around and visit a variety of shops.

The Domain – Mall with the usual big box stores and some smaller ones if you are looking for these kind of finds it will satisfy that urge. However, it is similar to any other mall you would find in other cities.


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